A native New Yorker, Rachel is  constantly inspired by this great city.

While it was her lifelong dream of becoming an actress, Rachel didn't begin her acting endeavor until the age of 18, when  her high school, just 45 minutes north of NYC, offered an internship program for seniors. Rachel requested to intern at an acting studio but was told by the program coordinator that it wouldn't be possible, as he didn't know of any studios she could intern at. This was her first great acting lesson, moving forward after being told "no." So she went home and opened the yellow pages and began calling acting studios. One acting teacher agreed to allow Rachel to audit her classes, interview her actors, and even worked with her on a monologue. It didn't take long for the inspiration to take hold and Rachel, who was entering SUNY Buffalo that fall as a Communications major, called her school and told them she was switching her major to Acting.

Since the day the Rachel opened the yellow pages to find an acting coach, she hasn't stopped pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. She holds her B.F.A in Theatre from SUNY Buffalo. After college, she naturally moved back to New York, enrolled in acting classes, and hit the pavement for auditions.

Rachel thought a lot about the inspiration she got from her many great acting teachers, who were continuing to act themselves, so in search of more growth opportunities and a desire to give back, she enrolled at New York University and earned her M.A. in Theatre and English Education. It was during her time at NYU that Rachel learned about using theatre as a tool for social change, developed her playwright skills, delved into creating her own poetry, and continued to practice dance.

Her journey as an Actress from the time she opened the yellow pages in search of an acting studio through today has allowed her to collect life experiences that she looks to turn into art through acting, writing and dancing. Today, Rachel can be seen creating her own original work, facilitating in arts education and youth development, and bellydancing!

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